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Designing book cover and formatting the contents for enhancing publication standards.


Conference proceedings, books, edited / responsive books, research monographs, reckoners, reports, etc. in all fields

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Publication assistance through peer-reviewed and indexed journal publications

About Us

NFED is a socialistic organization, which is predominantly into creating entrepreneurship cult across the nation through orientation, awareness, research and development activities since 2003. It has delivered numerous sessions on Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, Employability Skills, Career Development, Research through Faculty Development Programmes and Workshops, Self-Management Sessions and covered more than 100,000 beneficiaries across the nation. NFED also frequently recognizes national talents through its social sensation awards every year by identifying righteous academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs and social workers across the nation. NFED believes that greatness of any research work is only through its wider applicability and aims to publish quality-centric books with ISBN.

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Recent Publications

Edited Book

Holistic Research Perspectives (HRP)
Volume 11

ISBN: 978-81-954930-3-6
E - ISBN: 978-81-954930-4-3
Published in: April 2024

Edited Book

Holistic Research Perspectives (HRP)
Volume 10

ISBN: 978-81-954930-2-9
Published in: September 2023

Edited Book

Holistic Research Perspectives (HRP)
Volume 9

ISBN: 978-81-954929-4-7
Published in: March 2023



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